Is It Repentance, or Just an Apology?

There is a basic difference between repenting and apologizing.

Confess is first found in Leviticus 5:5 where we are told that one was to confess that he had sinned.   That is , to agree with the Lord that we have committed sin against Him.

Then we find in I John 1:9 that we as Christians are to confess ours sins.  This is to admit to God that we have sinned.  Admitting that we are guilty of committing that sin.

But according to Proverbs 28:3  we are not only to confess, but we are to forsake (stop) committing that sin

However, our repenting and confessing is usually nothing more than just apologizing for what we have done and flippantly promising to try not to do it again.  This kind of prayer never gets above our head, much less to the Lord’s ears.

Remember: God not only sees our heart, but He knows our heart.  Jeremiah 17:10

Pastor Wilson  757-870-3120

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