Welcome to the official website for Victory Baptist Church in Hampton, Virginia!

***Due to the recent announcement from our state and federal governments, we would like to help in reducing the risk of exposing or spreading of the COVID-19 virus.

We have prayerfully decided not to have any morning or evening services this coming Sunday, March 15th.

We welcome you to watch any of our previously streamed services here on our Facebook page.

Stay tuned for more updates and stay safe.***

About Us

Our Church


We are an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church located at 445 Shelton Road, Hampton, Virginia. We are not governed or affiliated with any outside formal organization. We are fundamental in that our church is founded on the New Testament scripture. We believe the deity of Christ, the virgin birth, and salvation by the Grace of God through faith. We stand on God’s word as presented in the KJV 1611 Bible. Christ is the head of our church and the Pastor is the leader of the local church. We are pre-millennial and believe in the rapture of the church and the second coming of Christ.



In January 2016, the members of Victory Baptist Church were blessed to unanimously vote Robert “Bob” Wilson as pastor. Pastor Bob is also the Dean of the Victory Baptist Bible College.

In Memory of Our Founder: Dr. Samuel E. Hyde


Pastor Samuel Elmer Hyde, Sr. went home to be with the Lord on April 25, 2015, surrounded by those he loved. Pastor Hyde faithfully served the Lord until he was called home. He was our Pastor from 1963 until 2015 and continued to preach and teach the Word of God until his final calling.

Samuel E. Hyde, Sr. surrendered to preach the gospel in April of 1958. He graduated from Clear Creek Baptist College in May of 1963. While attending college, he was the pastor of Riverview Baptist Church of Calvin Kentucky. Upon graduation, he and his family returned to Hampton, as led by God’s Spirit. God spoke in this manner; thus, Victory Baptist Church had its beginning.

By the leading of the Holy Spirit, this church held the first meeting on the first Sunday of October 1963. The church was organized on January 12th, 1964 with 19 charter members. The meeting place was the same as the present address. A store building was purchased in 1964 for $30,000. This was remodeled and used for 21 years, until the present facility was built. The educational building was completed in 1985 and the new auditorium was finished in 1987.

King James Bible


We believe the King James Bible to be the perfect and infallible word of God. We believe the Word of God as presented in the KJV 1611 Bible to be inspired by God in its origination and divinely preserved throughout the generations. We only allow the KJV 1611 Bible in all sermons and bible studies. We welcome all guests to come and listen to the true Word of God regardless of your current beliefs.